Dakin Dukane is an irreverent product from the black and white era of the middle of the last century and spent over 25 years as an artist in burnt clay, [that's a bricklayer to you and me]. Before having a mid-life crisis and deciding on a change of career, returning to education he managed to gain more meaningful employment as an IT lecturer at an inner city college in Birmingham UK, where he spent ten years lecturing. Then followed the opportunity to move to Asia seven years ago, initially to Manila in the Philippines, then latterly another move to Malaysia, always accompanied by his wife the Memsahib, who is sent out mercilessly to earn the daily crust. In his copious free time Dakin began writing, documenting their life on the other side of the world to those who had been left back in England and who were interested. This writing phase flourished culminating in Dakin deciding to write his first fiction book, Gunn. A prequel to Gunn, An Odd Road and a sequel, First Strike, quickly followed and these books are the beginning of the 'Walter Gunn' series, with more stories planned. Rust followed soon after and was Dakin's first story outside of the Gunn series. In what little spare time he can find, Dakin is an rabid support of Arsenal football club and the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team. His hobbies include annoying the grim reaper by waking up, walking the dog, Moo, acting like a grumpy ex-Pat and generally living life to the full with the Memsahib. You can follow him at Twitter - Facebook - or leave your feedback from the tab, left.