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DreamingDreams are weird things, we all have them and according to most experts in the field we dream every night although we only remember a few. I can’t remember if I read this or was told by my parents that dreams were the minds way of getting rid of rubbish. Last night I dreamt that I was giving a lecture to an emanate group of scientists at the UN, or something similar, on the subject of the giant peach spiders that were invading England! No I haven’t a flipping clue what it all means and I’m always slightly dubious of dream theory as we may well be the same make but we are all different models.

I can remember vividly my mother explaining one of her dreams when we sa down to an evening meal, as we all did so long ago in the past. Apparently her dream was that we had a tiger living in the cupboard under the stairs, long long before Harry Potter moved in there. Her descriptions were clear and concise of our everyday life with this tiger under the stairs, I don’t remember her mentioning that the tiger ever came out for a nose around but do remember that in her dream our dog Prince, would regularly try and pinch the tiger’s food! Actually thinking back on it now I’m not sure if the tiger was having the same food as the dog! Prince was a mongrel about the size of two Jack Russells, so realism is obviously not a family trait in dreams.

Another I remember from my spotty yoof was a recurring dream I had where I was riding a bike and fairly whizzing along an open country lane. I presumed it was a country lane as there were no road markings! Anyway without any obvious change in geography I found myself struggling to maintain my previous speed, as though I was climbing a hill. But as I stated earlier, no obvious sign of a change in the geography. So I struggle on getting slower and slower when I suddenly begin to speed up, free-wheeling as though I was now heading down hill getting ever faster and faster, wind lashing against my face, hair streaking out behind me.

Then all of a sudden there was no road. I’d just ridden off the edge of a cliff causing a sharp intake of breath as I fell hurtling towards terra firma. This part always woke me up and I noticed that the bed bouncing as though I’d just jumped onto it. I did wonder if the dreams was somehow causing me to levitate, just a few inches, and then drop back onto the bed waking me up and hence the slight bouncing movement. I had the dream quite a few times, so many in fact that I actually started to enjoy the free-fall moment at the end. What it all means? I have no idea and frankly I dint really care as after all, dreams are weird things!

Till next time.

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