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Driving in Malaysia
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Thu, October 20, 2016

New life

Map of Malaysia
Malaysian Resort

Nice ere, innit!

Well after a small sabbatical that turned out rather longer than expected I’m back on the trail again, so to speak. It’s been a little hectic for us for the last few months with many many changes including a new car, new condo and probably most important of all a new country! After six years in the Phils we waved goodbye a couple of months ago to begin the next chapter/adventure with a new life in Malaysia. The Memsahib, Moo and I are all settling into our new life although Moo wasn’t overly enamoured with flying followed by a week’s quarantine in Kuala Lumpur. She has taken the longest to settle but now is getting used to the new life here.

So what’s the differences I hear you cry. Well for one Malaysia was under British rule so they drive on the proper side of the road and they know how to form an orderly queue! Joking apart the biggest difference is noise and the pace of life. In manila we lived on a busy road and the noise of the traffic could be deafening with Filipino drivers, especially taxi and bus drivers leaning on their horns at all hours of the day and night. Here, that doesn’t happen. Once again we live next to a busy road, the patio doors are open all day and we hardly notice the traffic. Also it is a much more laid back place to live, no one appears to be in that much of a hurry and I’m happy to report that we are quickly adapting to that way of new life.

There are many changes to our new life and one has to be the food! Whereas in the Phils even the locals were sceptical of eating from street vendors, here its positively encouraged. The local restaurants, known as hawker stalls, are to die for. Don’t go on the looks, plastic chairs and tables that have seen far better days. My favourite is one quite close to us that has a concrete mushroom table with added toadstools! Forget the looks the food is really amazing, apart from the fact that we don’t know the correct names for anything.

So to that end I did download an app called OpenSnap where people visiting various eating establishments photograph their ordered food, also rather helpfully adding a name to the photographed dish which is very useful. Doesn’t work all of the time though as one stall we were in I ordered a dish to the blank looks of the waiting staff. No problem I thought whipping said Smartphone to show them the picture. They smiled, walked away leaving one poor bemused waiter to kindly inform me that I had been ordering the name of the person who took the photograph! Well how was I to know! That said I guess we’ll settle for many more adventures like that in our new life and I’ll begin telling you all about them starting next time

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